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RE: [css-d] Suggestions sought...

Sent by Bruce Nordstrand on 26 January 2002 10:10

> you can do either one and still pull much of the HTML out into 
> templates... when it comes to server-side programming, you want 
> to get the HTML *and* CSS stuffed into templates to separate it 
> from the (in your case) PHP...

Ah, yes this is definately on the agenda. Learning PHP was the easy bit,
deciding on the template mechanism is a little more tricky!

> however, before you make the decision about tabled or CSS-only, 
> just make sure it works for your audience...
I want to create a site that doesn't look like all the other CMS based
sites. My target audience is the small business owner, many of whom have
probably not used the web too much. I want my information to jump out at
them, especially as I get into more personal based content and information.

> as for liquid design, this article may help...
Thanks for the link. I'll take a look.


Bruce Nordstrand
The Australian Small Business Community site
P: 0404 850 235
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