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RE: [css-d] Suggestions sought...

Sent by Bruce Nordstrand on 26 January 2002 10:10

Thanks Eric

> look at your server's access logs over the 
> last six to twelve months.  Do you have a lot of visitors with older 
> browsers?

I have pretty much decided to go with the initiative on
this one.

> then you could give serious thought to going "full CSS," which 
> generally means positioning.  Although you may want to stick with 
> simple tables heavily styled, as many sites do quite successfully.

I originally looked at the MSN site (good or bad?) that uses a combination
of tables and CSS. This was my original thought until I came across the many
CSS sites out there.

And yes I have spent quite a while at your site, I'll fire up my old
browsers (even have a copy of IE 2.0 to play with!) and take a look.

The main trick in my case, will be getting the CMS to spit out the content
in the right places. Currently it sorta depends on a 2 or 3 column layout.


Bruce Nordstrand
The Australian Small Business Community site
P: 0404 850 235
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