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Re: [css-d] Defining one element in terms of another

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 27 February 2002 14:02

At 11:12 -0600 2/27/02, Dave Polaschek wrote:

>I've got a class defined in my style sheet: .fineprint {font-size:smaller}
>And I'd like to define another class based on it. For example, I'd like
>.finequote to be .fineprint plus font-style:italic.
>Is there a way to define one class in terms of another like this?

    Not in CSS, no.  Sorry!  This is one of those ideas that comes up 
every now and again on www-style, and thus far the Working Group has 
chosen not to do any work on it.  (The other one that comes up a lot 
is "how can I define my own variables so I can make up my own color 
names?"  Same reaction from the WG.)

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