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Re: [css-d] Suggestions sought...

Sent by aardvark on 26 January 2002 10:10

> From: Bruce Nordstrand [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> The question is: Should I go for a full CSS layout or a combined
> table/CSS layout? Which would give me the most freedom to explore
> something different other than the layout I currently have. I still
> haven't decided whether to go ice, jello or liquid (see I have picked
> up a few buzz words already!). I have been tinkering with a few ideas
> but am unsure of which path I should focus on. Any of you guru's out
> there have any suggestions?

you can do either one and still pull much of the HTML out into 
templates... when it comes to server-side programming, you want 
to get the HTML *and* CSS stuffed into templates to separate it 
from the (in your case) PHP...

however, before you make the decision about tabled or CSS-only, 
just make sure it works for your audience... for instance, is it a 
personal site?  might you re-use the code for something else?  can 
you make the templates in such a way that you can tweak those 
either way?

as for liquid design, this article may help... although it will help 
more for tabled layouts, it still has some important design 

Liquid Design for the Web
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