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[css-d] Suggestions sought...

Sent by Bruce Nordstrand on 26 January 2002 10:10

Hi All

Firstly, an introduction. I have been lurking on this list from the
beginning. I am brand-new to CSS and have only been actively been involved
in actually creating for the web for about 7 months. I am actually a
developer in 4GL languages, but have always had a great interest in the web.
A friend of mine turned me to CSS and it power & beauty so here I am, eager
to learn. So to it...

My site, is a site based on the free PHP CMS,
Postnuke. It has currently horribly intertwined PHP and HTML so I set my
self a project to fully separate content from code. Also attached to the
site is the vBulletin forum which I will also be attacking as it is
currently heavily table based. Now, having viewed the power of CSS on the
many examples and sites such as glish, bluerobot and alistapart as well as
the sites you guys have posted, I am in somewhat of a state of flux and
looking for recommendations.

The question is: Should I go for a full CSS layout or a combined table/CSS
layout? Which would give me the most freedom to explore something different
other than the layout I currently have. I still haven't decided whether to
go ice, jello or liquid (see I have picked up a few buzz words already!). I
have been tinkering with a few ideas but am unsure of which path I should
focus on. Any of you guru's out there have any suggestions?

Looking forward to any help or suggestions that may come of this.

All the best

Bruce Nordstrand
The Australian Small Business Community site
P: 0404 850 235
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