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Re: [css-d] IE tweaks

Sent by Liorean on 26 January 2002 10:10

At 09:12 2002-01-26 -0500, Brett Merkey wrote:
>For adjustments of the change in IE's handling of the box model, have you
>tried the non-scripting solution as outlined at:

Oh, I know the hacks. The thing I want to do is get rid of them while 
maintaining functionality.
Besides, I'm not trying to get quirks-mode or 5.5 and lower versions to 
work as they should. I'm trying to make IE6 in standards mode work. IE 
still lacks basic CSS functionality such as "width/height: auto;" or 
left-right, top-bottom pair auto calculation of width/height, or fixed 
positioning. Besides, making IE fill the height specified on an element is 
about as hard as getting a cactus to sing "Jingle bells" at Christmas.

>You will have to refer to a Microsoft document for help in constructing
>expressions within CSS.

It's not within CSS I want to construct the expression, but from JScript. I 
don't know the way to do that, and as Microsoft's site-wide search engine 
throws any number of obscure pages not related to my search terms I ask 
here instead.

>Altho I work exclusively in IE5+, I would not
>recommend using CSS expressions. I have always found that whatever
>IE CSS expressions can do can be reproduced just fine with plain
>CSS and once in a while with JavaScript.

The thing is that expressions are dynamic. That way I don't consume memory 
and reduce speed by having setInterval or setTimeout scripts.

>For instance, dynamic positioning should be completely controllable
>with normal CSS and light scripting. I find the result to be easier on
>client browser resources.

My aim is to be able to have fully working, validating, and most of all 
*clean* CSS. All hacks moved to JScript.

Also, the most important thing I think you didn't realise (Maybe I didn't 
say this, but now I will...), is that I want something that works on all 
pages, regardless of who wrote them, or what number of elements need to get 
their behavior amended.

I'm searching through all elements in a page. If they have any styles set 
that IE wouldn't handle correctly, I correct that behavior. You should be 
able to throw my script onto any page using fixed behavior, for instance, 
and get it to work in IE, without resorting to CSS hacks.

// Liorean
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