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[css-d] IE tweaks

Sent by Liorean on 26 January 2002 08:08

I'm creating a general handler for fixed positioning, along with a fix for 
left-right, top-bottom positioning pairs.

I can easily fix fixed positioning or left-right in separate cases with a 
somewhat faulty box-model, but I'm trying to get them to work better.

To fix the box-model, I need a way to handle margin, padding, border. How 
should I do to catch both those when declared by "margin: blah;" etc. and 
when they are declared by "margin-left:blah; margin-right:blah;" etc? I 
fetch the values out of "<element>.currentStyle".

Second, how do I through JScript set an expression in CSS to handle 
positioning? I've heard of getExpression/setExpression, function setting or 
setting a value of "expression(blah);" in CSS.


// Liorean
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