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[css-d] ADMIN: Belated greetings

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 24 January 2002 22:10

Hello to everyone!

    Well, I must say I've been caught completely off guard.  John 
Allsopp and I (your loving list moms) expected to get some 
subscribers, certainly, but I for one didn't expect 100 members 
within the first two hours, let alone 131 as I sat down to type this. 
So we'd like to bid everyone a belated but heartfelt welcome, and 
explain a bit about the list's purpose and general ground rules.
    css-discuss is primarily intended to be a place for authors to 
discuss real-world uses of CSS.  This doesn't preclude discussions of 
theory, or nifty cutting-edge tricks that show off the power of CSS, 
but it's appreciated if such discussions have some practical payoff, 
even if it's just teaching other list members a little bit more about 
how CSS works.  While we don't forbid discussions of the future 
direction of CSS, the W3C runs a listserv explicitly for that purpose 
called 'www-style'.  It's probably a better place for those kinds of 
    As for the ground rules, here they are:

    * Please use the unsubscribe address to leave the group.  Don't make
      the whole list sad over your departure by mailing them about it.

    * If you're asking for help with a problem, then remember this:
      A description of your problem is good.  A URL to a page showing your
      problem is much, much better.  The two together are sometimes
      referred to as "mythical" and "legendary."  Be a part of the legend.

    * No HTML e-mail period, end of story, full stop.  Your mail client will
      let you configure it so you can send plan text messages.  Make use of
      this configuration setting.

    * While we're interested in announcements of new CSS tools, software,
      resources, tutorials, and publications, don't send advertisements
      to the list.  In other words, a one-time announcement like "I just
      published a new book called 'CSS for the Terminally Clueless' with
      O'Hara and Friends" is okay, but "Buy my book at 30% off and get a
      free back massager!" is not.

    * No solicitations of employment or requests for applications, ever.
      There are job boards, Web sites, mailing lists, and other venues
      for helping stimulate your local economy.  Check them out.

    * Trim your replies.  If you have more quotation than original text,
      think about cutting down on the quoted stuff.  The list members can
      look at the message to which you responded, or check the archive.
      Prune that quoted text with ruthless abandon.  Everyone else will
      thank you for it, especially the list mom(s)-- and don't forget,
      thankful list moms are less hasty with the unsubscribe button.

    * The list mom(s) will scowl heavily in the direction of any Jeopardy-
      style quotations-- that is, putting your answer before the quoted
      question to which you're responding-- but won't actually unsubscribe
      you for doing it.  Unless you keep doing it without trimming down
      your quoted text (see above).

    * We encourage discussion and debate, and don't mind if it gets a bit
      heated.  HOWEVER, this does NOT mean you can flame other list members.
      If you think someone's flaming you, take it up with them in
      private e-mail before you respond on the list.  If they get abusive,
      discuss it with the list mom(s) at css-discuss-admin.  Don't take it
      onto the list.  Persistent flame wars will be extinguished by the cool
      waters of unsubscription.  Persistent flamers will be shown the door.
      Regardless of how long you've been online, I highly recommend a
      reading of the following: <>.

    * If you post from an address other than the one you subscribed, your
      message will get caught in our spam filters.  What we do at that point
      will probably depend on our mood.  Don't risk it; send messages from
      your subscription address and avoid the hassle.

    * If your address starts bouncing, you will be removed from the list.
      You will not be notified of this, as we don't keep a list of secondary
      addresses.  It's your responsibility to resubscribe once the problem
      with your address has been fixed.  "Bouncing" includes vacation
      autoresponders that e-mail either the list or people who post to the
      list.  If we notice or get complaints about either, you'll be
      unsubscribed right away.

    * Did we mention that there's an unsubscribe address available for use
      when you decide it's time to go?

    * People who violate the goodwill of the list community will be
      unsubscribed with extreme prejudice.  Not to mention haste.

Before I finish up, a couple of words about privacy settings.

    * The list is not advertised on the server where it resides.
    * The archive is only visible to members, but of course anyone
      can join the list.
    * The subscriber list is only visible to the list moms, so feel
      free to lurk like a mad fiend if that's your preference.

In the time I've been typing and revising this message the membership 
list has more than doubled in size, so obviously we're going to have 
a lot of people about.  Remember that the more you give to the 
community, the more you will get back in return.  John and I are 
really looking forward to the discussions, so let's have some fun!

Eric A. Meyer (, List Mom
"CSS is much too interesting and elegant to be not taken seriously."
   -- Martina Kosloff
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