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RE: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Andy McNabb on 25 January 2002 23:11

> This isn't art, it's design.  Most architects don't get to make the Getty
> museum.  They make factories, warehouses, and apartment blocks.  Most
> engineers don't make the Golden Gate, they make the 101-405 interchange
> (representing LA here *grin*) and runoff embankments for landfills.
> If we all stop making ourselves and our "artful" designs the center-piece of
> the web and concentrate on the INFORMATION (this is a text-based revolution
> after all), the CSS will follow on its own.  And no, it won't always be
> ground breaking, but which one of you have done ground breaking things in
> the rest of your lives?

I admit you do have a point, but the architects and designers of the
communist era in Eastern Europe used the same logic and look at the
"practicle" legacy they've left.  Art DOES play a role - otherwise each
apartment block would look the same as every other, and each web site
likewise.  As a medium for diversity, the web and it's underpinning
technology should allow the artist room to proliferate as much as the
information-centric no-frils designer.

As for the web being a text-based revolution, that's true, even tody, but at
the risk of widening this debate beyond the bounds of this forum, I'll say
that it won't be a predominately text-based medium in another 10 years.

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