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[css-d] Re: css-discuss digest, Vol 1 #11 - 22 msgs

Sent by Andy McNabb on 25 January 2002 23:11

> From: Drew McLellan [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> Andy McNabb wrote:
>> CSS sites I've seen that work well are primarily text based,
>> with a few graphics here and there.  There aren't too many sites out there
>> with complex images in their layouts that use CSS yet.  Maybe people just
>> haven't figured out how to do it yet.
> I think that's partly sensible rationalization of the way we build
> pages, and partly just fashion.
> I'm personally sick of image-heavy sites. I'd rather have the page
> loading quickly with some good content and some stylish, easy-to-read
> formatting.
> I'm not sure the trend is entirely CSS related, to be honest.

I can't say I disagree with you on that last point - it certainly is partly
fashion.  Unfortanately, the fashion hasn't made its way to Flash developers
yet, whose sites are larger and more complex than ever.

I like image-intensive sites when the character of the site calls for it.
It works great for some sites, lousy for others.  Like everything else, it
all comes down to the vision and skill of the designer.

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