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[css-d] introduction to group

Sent by ecd on 25 January 2002 22:10

greetings, all. i'd like to introduce myself.

i'm a coldfusion application developer by trade, though i quite enjoy
building sites and layouts too. it's been somewhere around 4 years since i
built my first page, and that was enough to let me know i wasn't cut out for
the pretty. lately, though, what with css and all, i've found that i finally
have somewhat of a creative outlet online. granted, i still have more
trouble picking out a color scheme than your average fourth-grader, but
could that be because all garanimals go together?

anyway, glad to be here amongst so many impressive resumes and sites.
hopefully i'll be of some help in return for gaining some help.


code artist -
edge team leader -
friend of the traffic lights - every time i drive
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