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Re: Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Timothy Swan on 25 January 2002 22:10

> Why are so many 
> position-based designs like 1997 all over again?  Is this a failing
> of CSS, or of the imagination?

I think it's both. Fact is, if you care about following "standards" your
design will take into account the difficulties in creating the site using
CSS for positioning and your design will show the constraints The poor and
inconsistant implementation of CSS positioning in even current browsers
doesn't help.

It's really amazing to me that this far along we don't expect and demand
tools for creating and viewing our work that are more consistent. I mean,
postscript is pretty complicated, but somehow the tools work and we wouldn't
accept a printer that added, say, 10 points the width of a text column.
Until we have greater predictability it's hard as hell to move forward.

>   There are limitations in CSS, of course.  It's still based on
> rectangles, no matter what tricks one pulls to make it seem
> otherwise.  But there's been centuries worth of stunning, moving,
> astonishing art done on nothing more complicated than large canvas
> rectangles.  

Yeah, it's constarined by a rectangular canvas, but the work on the canvas
is totally free. Put the paint where you like and every "browser"  will see
it in the same position. No hacks necessary.
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