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[css-d] Re: What happened to design

Sent by Donimo on 25 January 2002 21:09

Al Sparber wrote:

>>I think this list is cool beans for folks wanting to learn to do it
>>to varying degrees. A great topic would be:
>> . . . And, of course, that learning CSS has nothing to do with ditching

The perpetual lesson of learning how to design well is to learn how to
efficiently aid the delivery of whatever it is that you are designing for.
Good design doesn't get in the way of it's own task.

The code brevity that CSS affords makes positioning with tables obsolete by
the mere fact of it's efficiency and that, more than any other benefit that
CSS demonstrates, has attracted the attention of people who want to do a
good job of  making sites that not only work well, but look good, too.

The blindspot for me is trying to understand the full scope of what was
taken into consideration when CSS was developed, because so much of what CSS
is designed to handle isn't a part of what I'm thinking about when I'm
putting together a site concept.

It's like knowing that if I am going to buy the right car for getting back
and forth to work, I should consider which models stack up the best for the
kind of performance I will be demanding of it, but if I can also have one
that does more than I need for the same price range, why not get that?

It seems that CSS is the Batmobile of Web programming. It is just as
appropriate for impressing people around town as it is at getting you out of
a ditch 10 miles off the paved road.

Heavily tabled sites are like the those big, boxy American cars of the that
era before I was born. (God, I love those '57 Chevys, though!)

So how can I best get familiar with the useful features of CSS for handling
the majority of tasks that I'm probably going to be using it for, without
having to be to concerned about all them switches on the dashboard over
there? And hey, isn't that a great concept for a new book (or Web site)
about CSS?

Can you say Minivan?


Web Nouveau
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