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Re: [css-d] God Damn Netscape

Sent by Jan Roland Eriksson on 25 January 2002 20:08

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 13:36:17 -0500, Merkey, Brett wrote:

Some one else wrote:
>>The short and long of Netscape 4 is that it is an accident if it
>>handles CSS correctly at all.

No not really, if I'm allowed to provide some additional info?
An "accident"? No... but a non intentional bad job result under a fixed
time schedule yes.

>As someone noted, Netscape 4 was released before CSS1 was
>adopted as a standard.

No, it was released _after_ the CSS1 recommendation came into effect.

[snipped; the ever lasting excuse for Chris to not do a good job

>Netscape 4 dev team managers made a conscious decision not to support
>the W3C standards body. Follow-up decisions since the mid-1997 release
>of Netscape 4 continued that policy.

That statement is most probably false, but I leave it to writers of
future books of history to provide the final judgement there.

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