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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Scott Andrew LePera on 25 January 2002 20:08

Dickens, David wrote:

> I hate to have this be my opening email to this group be on this off-ish
> topic, but the purpose of CSS is at stake here.  I'm not a friend of Tim
> B-L, but I'd like to think that the purpose of CSS was to royally scr*w
> those of you who think that a design you came up with in Photoshop is a good
> design.

<snip />

Ugh. I just get so tired of these "the Web is not for this, the Web is 
not for that" arguments.  You might as well argue that stone is for 
building but not sculpting.

Let's be clear here. CSS is a *recommendation*.  It's a way to apply 
typographic style, layout and decoration to a *document.*  If your 
intention is to be an artist then by all means you have permission to 
NOT use CSS.

Anyway, I find if hard to believe that the CSS was meant to screw us out 
of our fancy designs.  I mean, look at Word, look at Quark Xpress, look 
at PageMaker.  See any similarities to CSS?  Headings, fonts, some box 
layout tools, all to be applied to a document.  Are these meant to screw 
us out of cool designs?  No, because the ones doing art are using 
FreeHand and Ray Dream.

Obviously, on the Web, there's overlap, and therefore conflict and 
compromise.  Which is why there are lists like this.

> Gawd, save us from the people who are still enthralled by the latest
> incarnation of the blink tag (aka flash).

Flash still has a bright future as a potential platform for Web apps. 
It's already delivered where client-side Java has failed, and leapfrogs 
past what DHTML can do.  But this digression has /nothing/ to do with CSS.


scott andrew lepera
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