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Re: [css-d] Fixed height in NS4?

Sent by Scott Andrew LePera on 25 January 2002 20:08

nicholas francisco wrote:

> Oh yeah sorry for not clarifying, I did mean on div layers.
> Like here. View on IE and then NS4 to see what I'm trying to do.

There's a few extra things you need for NS4:

1) declare positioning
2) use a clip that matches the dimensions of the DIV
3) Use layer-background-color in addition to background-color

Plus, it's better to use absolute positioning with a defined top: 
property when trying to do layouts in NS4, which was a horrible time 
trying to stack elements correctly.  I used the following css to get 
your layout to match IE:

#one { position:absolute; width: 170px; height: 2px; top: 0px font-size: 
1px; background-color: #9AC62F; layer-background-color: #9AC62F; 
clip:rect(0px 170px 2px 0px);}

#two { position:absolute; width: 170px; height: 120px; top: 2px; 
font-size: 1px; layer-background-color: #7AA417; background-color: 
#7AA417; clip:rect(0px 170px 120px 0px);}

#three { position:absolute; width: 170px; height: 2px; top: 122px; 
font-size: 1px; layer-background-color: #63870E; 
background-color:#63870E; clip:rect(0px 170px 2px 0px);}


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