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[css-d] Re: What happened to design?

Sent by michael on 25 January 2002 19:07

> I have been thinking about taking that a step
> further and using CSS to allow more content to be placed "above the fold"
> the site if the window was expanded.  Because I cannot layout tables side
> side I could use CSS to perform the tricks I want to.

That was my thinking when designing my site in CSS. It was more an
experiment in modularity. Could I go past elastic so-called "jello" sites
and create a design that was truly modular and worked at any window size.
What I wanted was a design that didn't care what size window it was in, and
could in essence redesign/re-layout itself as needed. Elements come up, drop
down, and float around each other as needed depending on the window width.
Browser incompatabilities stopped me from taking it as far as I wanted, and
I still think it needs work, but it's such an interesting idea. Design
itself no longer needs to be static. If you can let go of the idea of "It
must look like this at all times", you're free to make pages where the
layout differs from window to window, but still functions exactly the same
for all.


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