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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Michael Boyle on 25 January 2002 18:06

At 9:33 PM +0000 1/25/02, Ben Nunn wrote:
>In fact many companies failure to distinguish between traditional artwork
>guys/designers and web designers as skilled conceptual designers in their
>own right.

This is a huge problem. As I noted when I first joined here last 
night I work on the business end of the web now - I don't code at all 
professionally anymore. I think it's irresponsible for people like ME 
not to have a very decent (at least) understanding of code, design, 
UI, content development/editorial as well as promo and mktg issues. 
In my opinion, although it has become the norm in some areas, it is 
absolutely unprofessional to purport to be a graphic designer who 
does websites without being able to code them yourself.

I've worked in such situations before, and it's impossible. And you 
know what? As the guy who hires and pays companies to do the stuff we 
need, I won't accept that. It usually takes a LOT longer for a web 
coder to translate a design that was made with no sensitivity for the 
limits of the web and browsers - and I won't pay for that.

Likewise CSS itself. If I can manage it, I refuse to hire companies 
who don't use as much CSS as they possibly can (while being sensitive 
to the N 4.7 issue). I have found it a LOT cheaper - not up front 
necessarily, but later on, certainly - to have sites built for us 
using up-to-date techniques, and frankly I'm not going to pay for 
someone to decode and recode some totally wacked nested table pile 
again just so I can do a minor redesign.

Anyhow. If anyone can decode my problems at that I mentioned last night I would 
totally appreciate it. I just code for fun now, so I may be missing 
something basic in my approach to this design.


Michael Boyle                                   <>
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