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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Gene LeFave on 25 January 2002 18:06

I don't know what constitutes a great design versus old fashioned.

  My company designs library automation software. About a year ago I 
tried to redesign all the pages using CSS.  After months of effort I 
found that many many  browsers would fail in verious ways, and 
finally I ripped out most of the CSS and went back to tables.

I'd love to know what can be done in CSS other then basic font and 
color controls that will actually work in the field. Every time I 
start to try too add even simple things like borders via the CSS I 
get burned.  Every time I try to get just a little clever with the 
selectors I get burned.   Every time things get a little busy in the 
stylesheet I get burned.  Every time I actually try to rely on 
"cascading" I get burned.

I think that NS and MS have pretty muched killed the promise of CSS 
by releasing code that just doesn't work right, at least some of the 
time. (some of the time being worse then all of time in this context)

I'd love to be able to offer different styles to my clients.

But right now I can't risk the problems with CSS.  I think that I'd 
literally have to detect the browser OS combination and use a 
different page/css for each.  Which is the exact scenario CSS was 
supposed to eliminate.

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