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Re: [css-d] Tableless calendar

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 21 February 2003 20:08

At 9:26 -0800 2/21/03, Matthias Gutfeldt wrote:

>--- Ted Pibil [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
>>  I am using python to generate a calendar for my blog
>>  (
>>  I would like to get away from tables all together.  Does anyone
>>  know of any examples of markup for a tableless calendar?  If not,
>>  does anyone know why this is breaking in IE6/WIN?
>Oh, the basic idea is simple: Float every day to the left.

    That sort of works.  The problem is if you only generate and then 
float the days of the month, and you want them to appear in the 
conventional calendar format, the first week will be out of line if 
it starts on any day other than Sunday.  Take this month, for 
example: the first day of the month was Saturday.  Floating left will 
put it to the left, which is where Sunday is generally thought to go. 
The other dates will fill in on the wrong days of the week, unless 
you include measures to prevent it.
    There are a couple of fixes I can envision, but the simplest is to 
stick in "empty" elements before the first day of the month, such 
that they fill out a week.  Compare the two approaches at 
ml> to see what I mean.

>IMHO, a calendar is just about the most obvious example for
>table-like tabular data. Therefore I think anything but a table is a
>structurally and semantically inferior solution. But that's just me

    Well, it's me too, and several other people in the thread.  On the 
other hand, working with a "tableless calendar" is a good way to 
learn about how floating really works, not only in theory but in 

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