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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Drew McLellan on 25 January 2002 18:06

Matthew Haughey wrote:

> dreamweaver is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get tool

No it's not - it's a visual editor. WYSIWYG is not a concept that can be 
comprehended when it comes to the web! :)

> typical users of the product expect the way a page looks in DW is the way it will look on the web.

Yes, they do. Many also expect that they will be able to create a web 
page in DW without knowing any HTML. In both cases, they get to a point 
and ...

> Until DW can do this, and create code that complies with standards, most/all of DW's target
audience will not be using any form of cutting-edge or compliant CSS.

Indeed. Unfortunately, DW's target audience seems to be moving away from 
the professional market and focussing on the FrontPage crowd. Shame.

The truth is that a large number of web shops seem to be full of 
unskilled monkies who know how to use DW exceptionally well but don't 
know an HTML tag from a bite on the rear. Trying to get this lot to 
adopt CSS is a real issue.

(I guess at this point I should declare a casual Macromedia affiliation. 
See sig.)

drew mclellan
(css is all in the head)

team macromedia volunteer for dreamweaver ultradev
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