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RE: [css-d] Need help!

Sent by John Woram on 25 January 2002 18:06

Judy Benedict wrote: "If the info on the right side of the Table is
shorter than the left, it all moves down to the bottom of the page."

I think the problems on the above page are -- The left column should
be <td rowspan="4" (not "6"), and, the four rows on the right side are
trying (successfully) to occupy the same amount of vertical space as
the column on the left does. So you're getting a lot of white space
before and after that big logo, and between each of the three rows
beneath it.

It might be worth a shot to put everything on the right side into ONE
column and use <td valign="top" ...> to force it to the top of the
page. Then add spacings as desired between the logo and the stuff that

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