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[css-d] Training Wheels

Sent by Andrew I. Mutch on 25 January 2002 17:05

I think Drew has a good point about many people still being in the
"training wheels" mode with CSS2.  I've spent the last couple of weeks
converting my personal site from HTML 4 with tables to XHTML 1 with CSS2
positioning. After a lot of work and tweaking, I looked at what I had
created and realized, "this looks a lot like what I had before".

But I also realize that what I have now is soooo much better in terms of
structure and control.  Before,  I used CSS to control fonts and color. 
Now I can rearrange the layout of the entire site with a few small tweaks.
Plus, I realize now that the tools I have for layout and design through
CSS2 are far more powerful than the table hacks I used before. 

Sure, there are browser glitches and I've abandoned any attempt to appease
Netscape 4. But now that I have a solid foundation of how CSS2 works in
controlling layout, I can start thinking of truly transforming the site.
Plus, now it won't require complete rewrites to revamp the site. I think
it probably is a good project to try and recreate what you've done in
tables into CSS2. It helps remold your mind around the new concepts and
see how they and don't translate.  

I'm sure that once people have gone through the training phase, we'll
start seeing some amazing designs come out of CSS2. Some of the little
tools that people are already putting up with their new sites makes me
think that this debate will be over sooner rather than later.

Andrew Mutch
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