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Re: [css-d] styling buttons

Sent by James Aylard on 22 January 2003 23:11

Martin Malley wrote:

> I've got a button I've defined with css, but the cursor change has
> disappeared. Do I need to specifically define this? Can I actually
> define the style of a button or am I just fooling myself?
> .cartpic:hover,active {
> background-image: url(art/buyit_on.jpg);}

    That's invalid css syntax, unless you are using xml and have created an
element called "active". Assuming that you meant the pseudo-class :active,
it must be written:

.cartpic:hover, .cartpic:active {
   background-image: url(art/buyit_on.jpg);

    However, to my knowledge only IE 6 supports custom cursors specified by
a url. As well, this capability has been removed in the latest revision of
the CSS 2.1 working draft [1], and so likely won't be supported by other
browsers (and possibly future versions of IE) down the road. I am not clear
as to the reason why, especially since this option still exists in the
latest relevant CSS 3 module, "Basic User Interface" [2], which was released
on the same day as the latest CSS 2.1 working draft (2 August 2002). Perhaps
someone else knows.


James Aylard
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