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Re: [css-d] NS6 & XHTML DOCTYPES

Sent by Chris Cassell on 25 January 2002 16:04

>>I've recently been doing some sites that are CSS and XHTML 
>>compliant. No errors. But in NS6 I get breaks after my images.
>Well, my conclusion from this is that you likely are setting images 
>to "display: block;". Don't. Use inline and a zero line-height.
While this approach does work, and I've used it before for that 
reason, there's a serious accessibility problem. Alt text inherits 
that zero line-height, which can cause several lines of text to 
occupy the same line in Moziila, rendering the alt text illegible to 
users browsing w/o graphics or if any of the graphics just don't 
load. Increasing the text size in the browser doesn't solve the 
problem, since 120% of 0 is still 0.

While this probably affects a small number of users, XHTML/CSS is 
designed to make content more accessible, not cause additional 
accessibility problems. Of course, the same could be said of setting 
font-size to 10px, but at least in Mozilla, you can resize it.

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