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Re: [css-d] CSS is too elegant?

Sent by Drew McLellan on 25 January 2002 16:04

Dave Strus wrote:

> ... unwilling to simplify their markup until they
> can make something that looks exactly how they want it to look. The
> specific person I'm thinking of uses tables nested so deeply it's
> unbelievable.

I'd bet 'the way' she wants it to look is heavily influenced by a 
table-based mindset too.

I see comments all over the net from people who complain that css 
layouts all look the same and lack any real creative design. I'd agree 
with some of that - I can certainly see that point of view - but I think 
it takes a long time to retrain your creative mind to work within new 

Look back at sites of five years ago. Their designs were influenced by 
tables and frames. They all looked pretty similar, too. In recent years 
web design has really progressed as designers have become so comfortable 
with table-based layouts that they can stop concentrating on the 
technology and really produce something great.

It's only once we train ourselves to think creatively within the scope 
of the technology available that we can really start to shine.

At the moment we all have our training wheels on and leave the same 
three tracks in the dirt.

drew mclellan
(css is all in the head)
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