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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Rachel Andrew on 25 January 2002 16:04

>The tragedy/irony is that the economic downturn has hit us web experts much
>harder than old fashioned graphic designers, who in many cases now seem to
>be single-handedly responsible for a lot of design (and
>frontpage/dreamerweaver build).

yup and they'll keep on doing that - which is why (whether you like visual 
development tools or not) it's really important to push the manufacturers 
to develop these products so that they produce compliant code, and so that 
the solo web designer who looks after all company x's web design and 
development using Dreamweaver or Frontpage will be producing compliant code 
whether she knows it or not!

At the moment the designer who uses a visual tool is forced to quit using 
that tool and start working in the code if they want to use anything more 
than the most basic of CSS for layout. Many of the designers I have worked 
with have never worked in the code, they are graphic designers who can use 
Dreamweaver etc. and unless those tools begin to allow people to work with 
CSS and valid (x)html it will be a long process to try and persuade people 
to start being creative with a new way of working.

Rachel Andrew

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