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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Ben Nunn on 25 January 2002 16:04

> Is anyone else using CSS like this?  Will strong use of CSS bring about
> a new standard of design?  I'm interested in hearing other thoughts.

I think a large part of the problem (if indeed lack of takeup _is_ a prob)
is that many companies - certainly all I've worked for - lump CSS in with
coding and development, and the design ideas are given over to the graphic
design department, who don't have a clue about CSS, JS, HTML, W3C standards
etc. and all they want to know is how should their PSDs be sliced up.

In fact many companies failure to distinguish between traditional artwork
guys/designers and web designers as skilled conceptual designers in their
own right.

The tragedy/irony is that the economic downturn has hit us web experts much
harder than old fashioned graphic designers, who in many cases now seem to
be single-handedly responsible for a lot of design (and
frontpage/dreamerweaver build).

I love the idea of CSS as a tool for inspiration and creativity, but will
this vision take off as a true artistic talent? Unlikely at least until a
big expensive wysiwig/wizard-based css application comes on the market.

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