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[css-d] ADMIN: Trim those quotes, please!

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 25 January 2002 16:04

Hi everyone,

    I'd like to reiterate something that was in the policy posting[1] 
and which will also be in the expanded policy document when it's 
finished: PLEASE trim down your quoted text to the relevant bits! 
I'm not pointing fingers at any one person, because this is (even on 
so young a list) already a major problem.  If you quote, in its 
entirety, a 4KB message and add 1KB of your own thoughts, once 
headers and such are slapped on top of that you get around a 6KB 
message.  It could have been half that, even with a piece or two of 
the quoted message intact.  Even worse are posts that include the 
complete original post below an "Original Message" separator, with no 
clear association of new text to quoted sections.
    For the same reason, please also reduce the size of your signature 
files!  Five lines ought to be plenty-- and that includes any blank 
space stuck in before the actual signature text.  Big honkin' legal 
disclaimers are not necessary here-- or if they are, put in the URL 
of a big honkin' legal disclaimer.  Don't send the full text to us 
every time you post.
    Why is all this such a big deal, you ask?  Because of the people 
who read this list in digest mode, where messages are collected 
together into a single file and then mailed out at intervals.  At the 
moment, digest messages go out when they total more than 50KB.  You 
can fit a few messages with excessive quoting into that allocation, 
or many compact messages with intelligently trimmed quoting.  So the 
more you quote, the more often digest members (who picked that option 
to keep their e-mail flow manageable) will get messages, which means 
the list will be less usable for them.  Ditto for HTML and RTF 
messages and attachments, which is why they're all forbidden as well.
    Besides, trimmed-quotation messages are much, much easier to read 
in general whether you're a digest reader or not.
    While we can't (for now) automatically filter messages with 
excessive quoting or signatures, I will place list members who can't 
get their quoting or signature files under control on the "hold 
messages for approval" list.  Consider this a semi-friendly warning.


Eric A. Meyer (, List Somethingorother
"CSS is much too interesting and elegant to be not taken seriously."
   -- Martina Kosloff
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