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[css-d] DHTML - Problems with scripted positioning attributes

Sent by Ben Henick on 25 January 2002 15:03

Apologies to those who've already seen a similar message I posted on
thelist@evolt earlier this week...

As some of you may know, I've been test-driving a script that performs
inline pagination, in the style of (but without the columns).
John Weir and I have corresponded, and have at least confirmed that we're
running into the same probems on IE5/Mac (which are many in number).

The page in question is at
[script URL at the bottom of this message]

and I've been informed of two layout issues:  one in Mozilla 0.9.7, one in

There is an inline nav that's built once, and re-written every time a new
"page" is rendered, that looks something like this code-wise:

// check to see if it already exists; else

Note1 = document.createElement("DIV");

// always: = // value derived from document.body.clientHeight

// other positioning and styles follow, same reference


Now, what this is *supposed* to do is place an inline navigation panel
(prev|next, etc.) at the bottom of the page.

In IE6, my understanding is that it doesn't always work that way;
sometimes body.clientHeight is calculated incorrectly such that the
inline nav appears well above the foot of the browser canvas.

Christina Wodtke found that one, which I thought might be due to a window
resize.  So I wrote a script that handles window resizes, and the only
feedback I've gotten since is that

1.  IE6 kicks a$$, generally
2.  The inline pagination DOES work in IE6

A confirmation of these facts would be grand.

Mozilla 0.9.7 ignores the positioning statements completely (from what
I've been told and shown - I'd like to avoid downloading the browser to
get to the bottom of it).

It occurs to me that - since the inline nav is intended to be a persistent
object - there'd be nothing wrong with putting the styling and positioning
into a stylesheet and referring to 'document.getElementById("InlineNav")'
instead of 'Note1' - provided I write = "InlineNav" of

Question is, will Mozilla 0.9.7 properly position the called-for element
properly, if I refer to it in that fashion instead?

For those of you who want to see the JavaScript in all of its (ahem)
glory, that's at

This script is nowhere near to being ready for any sort of release (I do
intend to GPL it when I'm ready) - in fact, it's suffering from serious

Any and all comments/criticisms/suggestions are welcome.

Ben Henick
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