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Re: [css-d] z-index (I think)

Sent by Rick Morbey on 25 January 2002 15:03

>At 20:41 +0100 1/25/02, Rick Morbey wrote:
>>Setting an '.swf' file in a css 'z-index:0' layer with all other 
>>layers on top appears to work on the Mac with Netscape 6.2 and on 
>>Windows with Explorer 5.5. I can't seem to get it to work in 
>>Explorer 5.1 Mac and Netscape 6.1 Windows. Jpeg's, on the other 
>>hand, work as backgrounds with all of these browsers.
>    Did you actually position the element that brings in the SWF? 
>'z-index' is not supposed to have any effect on elements that 
>haven't been relatively or absolutely positioned.
>Eric A. Meyer (, List Somethingorother
>"CSS is much too interesting and elegant to be not taken seriously."
>   -- Martina Kosloff
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yup..absolutely in:

<div id="boing" style="z-index:0; position:absolute; top:54; left:0; 
width:762; height:411;"> blah blah </div>


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