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Re: [css-d] HTML and RTF

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 25 January 2002 15:03

At 1:29 +0530 1/26/02, Madhu Menon wrote:
>Say, is it true that HTML and RTF mail is allowed on this list? I 
>would *really* love them to be blocked :)

    I'm working on it.  HTML e-mail is not permitted under the list 
policies, and I'll add RTF to that.  I'm getting help in setting up 
filters to prevent them from ever showing up in the first place (and 
also to block attachments) so it should be much less of a problem in 
the future.  I hope.
    Measured from the first public announcement of the list, 
'css-discuss' is now one day old and has just over 800 subscribers. 
As you might imagine this has caused some major growing pains, so we 
ask everyone to bear with us while we frantically try to stay ahead 
of the runaway train.

Eric A. Meyer (, List Somethingorother
"CSS is much too interesting and elegant to be not taken seriously."
   -- Martina Kosloff
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