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Re: [css-d] Gosh Darn Netscape

Sent by Scott Andrew LePera on 25 January 2002 15:03

Ryan Schroeder wrote:

> I think it has something to do with the fact that for the end user there is
> no real reason to upgrade. People who are using NS 4 now haven't switched to
> IE for a reason (whatever that may be) and NS 6 doesn't seem more compelling
> than IE (aside from opensource v. monopoly, etc).

There's also the fact that while the recent Mozilla builds are faster 
and much more stable (I use 0.9.7 and the mail client almost exclusively 
now), NS6 is based on earlier code that ran much, much slower.  There 
have been a lot of flak about Netscape jumping the gun by releasing NS6 
too early.  A lot of it was from developers citing major bugs/oversights 
in CSS/DOM support, but from a user standpoint I think the fact that 
NS6.0 Win took 30 seconds to get past the startup screen, didn't 
maximize correctly (and sometimes booted minimized by default) and was 
generally crash prone turned off the people who might have considered 
switching from NS4.

> The only way NS/mozilla gains market share now if if AOL switches over (or
> buys redhat and starts making the whole widget)

I'm hoping that will happen with Moz 1.0, scheduled for an April 2002 
release.  The development team seems to be rolling along, now.

I've also heard talk that future versions of Sun's popular Solaris 
server might ship with Moz/NS6 instead of NS4. If so, that may help 
adoption on the enterprise/developer end, but probably not with 
day-to-day users.


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