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Re: [css-d] God Damn Netscape

Sent by aardvark on 25 January 2002 14:02

> From: "Ben Nunn" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> 1. Why are they still releasing point upgrades 4 1/2 years on? None of
> us will be surprised if 4.79 turns out to be the last release.

we all thought that about that last three or four point releases... 
they may still do it should huge holes be discovered...

> 2. Why have so few Netscape users upgraded to 6, which has been on
> release for well over a year now? Look at any stats site, and you'll
> see a massive uptake in IE6 in just a few weeks. Why have people
> chosen to stick with NS4 which still outstrips 6/Moz by around 7%
> market share to 1-2%.

Navigator users are either people who've installed it on their own (in 
which case they may not upgrade only because of hassle with mail 
clients or the like), or they were forced into by their IT department 
(like half a dozen of my clients)... the IT depts i know aren't 
planning to move to N6 just yet, and instead are just planning a 
cross-grade to IE for the most part...

and remember, IE upgrades have an advantage that NN doesn't -- 
it's bundled on *every* MS product, and often pushed out to the 
user... many people don't even know they've upgraded (ask your 
favorite local client on wintel machines what version of IE they're 

> Personally I abandon all notions of design support for NS4 when I
> approach projects from an all xhtml and css perspective, rather than
> waste time with hybrid code and hacks.

... depending on client and business case, i hope...

let's not forget that while XHTML is pretty keen, it was accepted as 
a "standard" after most of the latest browsers, and while current 
browsers will just see it as HTML when they parse it, none have 
support *specifically* for XHTML...

doesn't mean it's wrong to use it, but i'd rather push for better CSS 
support than XHTML support right about now...
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