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Re: [css-d] Listmoms: Proper Threading with digest readers

Sent by Andy McNabb on 25 January 2002 14:02

> From: "Eric A. Meyer" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> Subject: Re: [css-d] Listmoms: Proper Threading with digest readers
>> I get the digest version and I want to be sure I reply correctly to messages
>> contained in the digest.  Should I carefully paste the subject line into my
>> reply preceded with a "Re:" ?  Or is there a more proper way to do it.
> I personally think it's more useful to indicate in some way the
> subject of the specific post to which you're replying, since it helps
> people who are pressed for time (like, say, your loving list moms) to
> determine what your post is about and whether or not they need to
> read it right away or later one.  If there's a more proper way, I
> hope someone will suggest it.  I've never been a digest subscriber
> myself so I don't have first-hand experience.

Some list archiving software depends on header references in e-mail messages
in order to thread messages properly in the archive.  Replying to a digest
message means the reply won't end up in the proper thread.  Similarly,
replying to a message and entering a new subject in order to start a new
topic or thread can cause some archiving software to consider than message
part of the replied-to thread and not a brand new thread <whew!> .

The Evolt list, for example, gets around this by including each message as
an individual attachment in each digest e-mail.  For more specific info on
this issue, you  might want to talk to Steve Champion of the
list as he's dealt with the problem extensively.

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