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Sent by Jim Barraud on 25 January 2002 14:02

Hi All -

Wat a relief to have a list all about css. I'm not sure if this question 
is directly css related, but I figured someone on this list should know.

I've recently been doing some sites that are CSS and XHTML compliant. No 
errors. But in NS6 I get breaks after my images. This doesn't happen in 
any other browser. But once I take out the XHTML/Transitional DOCTYPE.. 
it works in NS6. Put back the DOCTYPE and it's broken again. I've been 
able to work around the problem some-what by putting the images as DIV 
background images... but this just isn't going to work for every image.

I don't have any live sites to show, but I was wondering if anyone else 
has come across this and has a reason/solution.


Jim Barraud : Web Designer
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