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Re: [css-d] God Damn Netscape

Sent by Ben Henick on 25 January 2002 14:02

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Ben Nunn wrote:

> Which begs two further questions:
> 1. Why are they still releasing point upgrades 4 1/2 years on? None of us
> will be surprised if 4.79 turns out to be the last release.

...To give big-company IT managers the warm-fuzzies.  See below.

> 2. Why have so few Netscape users upgraded to 6, which has been on release
> for well over a year now? Look at any stats site, and you'll see a massive
> uptake in IE6 in just a few weeks. Why have people chosen to stick with NS4
> which still outstrips 6/Moz by around 7% market share to 1-2%.

There are three answers to this question:

First, from what I've heard Netscape 4 remains the only Windows client
that plays nicely with things like proxies, firewalls, etc. apart from
Netscape 6.  (IE5 does, too - but its integration with the OS means that,
like the OS itself, it's about as secure as the clasp on a slut's
brassiere... or the zipper on a gigolo's trousers, in the interest of
editorial fairness.)

Second, Netscape 6 leaks memory like a sieve.

Third, Netscape 6 still has a way to go in the mail-management department.

> Personally I abandon all notions of design support for NS4 when I approach
> projects from an all xhtml and css perspective, rather than waste time with
> hybrid code and hacks.

I am trying unsuccessfully to move in this direction as well.  Even JSSS
is a PITA to implement.

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