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[css-d] Need help with possibe IE rendering issue WAS reply to digest subject.

Sent by Samir M. Nassar on 3 October 2002 06:06

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<cite  date="Tuesday 01 October 2002 10:23 am" author="CORREIA, PATRICK">
> This is a rendering bug in IE that I've run into several times and I was
> wondering if anyone knew of a workaround.  It concerns setting percentage
> widths on text input form fields.  A demonstration case would go like this:
>    <html>
>       <head><title>IE Rendering Bug</title></head>
>       <body>
>          <div style="position:absolute;width:300px;height:100px;border:1px
> solid black;padding:5px;">
>             <form action="myPage.cfm" method="POST" id="myForm">
>                <input type="text" name="myInput" style="width:100%;" />
>             </form>
>          </div>
>       </body>
>    </html>
> If you view the page in Internet Explorer and start typing text in the
> input box, the size of the box changes.  This behavior is observed in IE5.5
> (SP2). Behavior of the same page in IE6, Netscape 6.2 and Mozilla 1.0 is
> correct -- that is, the input box correctly observes the specified width,
> regardless of text being typed in the box.
> I could use the IE5.5 parsing bug to hide the width declaration from that
> browser, but I'm hoping someone has a workaround that would allow the box
> to fill the available space in all CSS browsers.  More importantly, I'm
> looking for some confirmation that I'm not crazy...  I haven't been able to
> find anything on the web confirming that this is a known bug!

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