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Re: [css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

Sent by Scott Andrew LePera on 25 January 2002 14:02

sara j. flemming wrote:

> i put your pic and random DIVs into a DIV together and then put that inside
> of the Content DIV (and futzed with the margins on the Content DIV). i also
> put a little spacer DIV beneath that to give some breathing room before your
> entries begin.

Thanks, Sara.  I like the idea of this approach, because both the pic 
and the random text are decoration and have little real value in the 
document, so it sorta makes sense to bundle them up together.

 From a design angle, though, I originally wanted the left edge of the 
weblog text to align with the right edge of the pic, to make a nice 
implied line.  I could probably do this by playing with the margin of 
that top DIV you inserted.  Thanks for your help.

scott andrew lepera
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