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Re: [css-d] God Damn Netscape

Sent by Ben Nunn on 25 January 2002 13:01

> Netscape 4 dev team managers made a conscious decision not to support
> the W3C standards body. Follow-up decisions since the mid-1997 release
> of Netscape 4 continued that policy.
> Some of the Netscape chiefs got rich but the product paid the price.

Which begs two further questions:

1. Why are they still releasing point upgrades 4 1/2 years on? None of us
will be surprised if 4.79 turns out to be the last release.

2. Why have so few Netscape users upgraded to 6, which has been on release
for well over a year now? Look at any stats site, and you'll see a massive
uptake in IE6 in just a few weeks. Why have people chosen to stick with NS4
which still outstrips 6/Moz by around 7% market share to 1-2%.

Personally I abandon all notions of design support for NS4 when I approach
projects from an all xhtml and css perspective, rather than waste time with
hybrid code and hacks.

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