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Re: [css-d] mr mom and angstdei dot com

Sent by Timothy D. Tolle on 25 January 2002 13:01

Andrew Clover wrote:

>Somehow this pearl of culture must have passed me by...
Mr. Mom! Michael Keaton has to fend off a vacuum cleaner... Well, anyway...

>No styling appears in Mozilla 0.9.7. This is because your web server is
>sending the stylesheet as Content-Type: text/html, and Mozilla doesn't know
This is a problem. I'm using shared hosting, so I can't go and change 
the server's MIME types myself. I wonder how often people run into this 
problem. Do most web servers now install with CSS MIME types enabled?

>Also, the DOCTYPE isn't quite right.
Doh! This is a stupid error, and one I should have caught myself. It's 
good to have another set of eyes. Thank you.

>default-typeface stigma. So, in a way, your use of Times New Roman is
>quite daring. Not a sentence I'd expected ever to write!
So my first and last names both begin with T. It's an alliterative 
factor which has always made Times my favorite font. I'll take the 
compliment. Thank you.

Tim - Now With Improved DOCTYPE Declarations!
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