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Web Dev Toolbar debugging hiccup

Sent by Gautam Sathe on 5 August 2016 06:06

Hard to say without knowing what else might be going on for you.

I just checked on my system, I am able to view up to 1680px width 
without facing any issues.

#1. The most obvious question - is your system actually high res enough 
to view a 12xx pixel screen?

#2. Have you put the chrome dev tools in mobile emulation mode? That 
restricts the size to whatever device you might be emulating.

If you have already considered these points then a screenshot of what's 
happening might help.


On Friday 05 August 2016 09:38 AM, Crest Christopher wrote:
> I need to view a page at 12XX+ pixels but when I enabled Chrome Web Dev
> Toolbar it shrinks the page to a smaller break point.  When I tear off
> the web developer toolbar it doesn't make a difference; any suggestions ?
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