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is use of rem bad?

Sent by Philippe Wittenbergh on 21 July 2016 08:08

> On Jul 21, 2016, at 1:38 PM, Karl DeSaulniers [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Same link you gave had this below what your were referencing.
> [quote]
> The exception is when they occur in the value of the font-size property itself, in which case they
refer to the computed font metrics of the parent element (or the computed font metrics corresponding
to the initial values of the font property, if the element has no parent).
> [/quote]

Oh, sure, that is inheritance at work. For any other property that accepts a `<length>`, if it is
expressed using the `em` unit, it will depend on the computed value of the element itself.

That means (to come back to the rem vs em topic) that the resulting value for padding, border,
margin, background-position, etc are depending on the nesting inside the document tree if using `em`
units. The `rem` unit avoids that.

Philippe Wittenbergh

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