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is use of rem bad?

Sent by Karl DeSaulniers on 20 July 2016 22:10

I would just convert to em and not rem and move on. Validator should be fine with em. If not, em can
be converted to percent and do the same I believe. I usually use percent and em on fonts. 


Sent from losPhone

> On Jul 20, 2016, at 12:05 PM, John J [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Working on my code, I decided to see what they CSS validator had to say
> about it, and it threw out 154 errors, most of which were about rem as my
> value of measure for things like padding, type, borders, margin.
> I am using rem on advice of a developer who said that a certain pinhead,
> un-named browser needs it; other browsers can use/deal with it too.
> Yet the validator threw a hissy..Should I abandon all efforts to support
> arcane versions of this browser, and stick only with em?
> Thank you!
> John
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