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Style Object tag svg

Sent by Chris Williams on 13 July 2016 18:06

You can stylize different components of the SVG like any other component. If they have an ID, use
it. Otherwise, you can use their type (e.g. circle, etc.) and the cascade to control which of them
(e.g. which circle) gets effected. You can use the "first-child", "nth-child" and all those other
pseudo selectors on them. If you need to, give the items in the SVG and ID all their own.

I guess I'm not understanding why this is so hard. I have styled SVG in a number of cases. I simply
go into the debugger (e.g. Chrome or FF) and explore the DOM, look through the SVG, find the items
I'm looking for and build CSS to handle it.

From: Crest Christopher [EMAIL-REMOVED][EMAIL-REMOVED]>>
Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 7:57 PM
Subject: Re: [css-d] Style Object tag svg

I only said, it was a post to make it easier to find I understand it meant; likes.

you can only set the properties for the entire symbol with this method. So, if you have two paths in
your symbol and want them to have different fill colors, this won't work, but if you want all your
paths to be the same, this should work
That is the problem, I cannot independently stylize different paths in the SVG file.

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