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media queries following prior rules

Sent by Peter H. on 11 July 2016 19:07

> On 11 Jul 2016, at 18:13, John J [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> At the link below, the name, email, subject fields don't appear to be
> obeying rules governing width as in the previous media breaks..
> at 360 and 320, those fields exceed the width of  their parent, rather than
> respecting padding set prior..maybe I'm missing something..if I have my
> rules set up correctly, the css should behave a certain way until told
> differently in the next media query, right?
> Thank you for any insight about this!
> John

John, I think it's your box-sizing rule. For some reason it's specified as 'inherit' in the reset.
If you change that to 'border-box' your layout may work as intended.  Peter
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