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Re: [css-d] mr mom and angstdei dot com

Sent by Andrew Clover on 25 January 2002 13:01

Timothy D. Tolle [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> Heh. I didn't want to start off-topic posting on [css-d] yet

Bah, start as you mean to go on, that's what I say!

> So yeah, I made the Mr. List Mom reference because, well, Mr. Mom was a 
> funny movie.

Somehow this pearl of culture must have passed me by...

> I wanted to ask (as others have) the list what they think, and how it
> looks.

No styling appears in Mozilla 0.9.7. This is because your web server is
sending the stylesheet as Content-Type: text/html, and Mozilla doesn't know
what to do with a stylesheet of type HTML when it's in Standards Mode. (In
Quirks, it just assumes it's meant to be CSS.) You'll need to reconfigure
the server to associate '.css' extensions with type 'text/css'.

Also, the DOCTYPE isn't quite right. You've probably copied it from the
W3C site, but unfortunately as it contains a relative URL it can only
actually work for documents stored at Bit of a silly move by W3,
that, IMO. Anyway, the system identifier (the second string) should read:


(they seem to make it longer and more redundant with each new version!)

Other than that no problems. Yay for liquidness and resizable fonts.

> As an aside, mine is the only XHTML/CSS site I've seen so far that uses 
> primarily serif fonts.

Certainly it's one of the very few to specify "Times New Roman" as the
preferred font! Most sites avoid it like the plague due to its
default-typeface stigma. So, in a way, your use of Times New Roman is
quite daring. Not a sentence I'd expected ever to write!

Andrew Clover
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