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[css-d] mr mom and angstdei dot com

Sent by Timothy D. Tolle on 25 January 2002 13:01

Andrew Clover wrote:

>Hey! Eric can't be called 'List Mom' too, it'd be too confusing; I'd never
>know which list I was on!
Heh. I didn't want to start off-topic posting on [css-d] yet-- it's only 
the second day of the list-- but some other people have made comments. 
So yeah, I made the Mr. List Mom reference because, well, Mr. Mom was a 
funny movie.

>Oh no! It's broken Tim!
> indeed experienced a cold fusion outage this morning. It is 
now working, and I wanted to ask (as others have) the list what they 
think, and how it looks. I've tested on NS6/IE6/OP6. Hmm, those three 
sixes in a row make the apocalyptic part of me nervous. Anyway, I have 
no access to a Mac, so I'm specifically interested in how it renders on 
that platform. The only other platform I have is my brother's Visor, and 
I'm happy to see the pages degrade well.

I don't use the IE5.5 voicestream hack, and I take the advice gleaned 
from A List Apart: Treat Netscape 4 like Netscape 3-- a completely 
non-CSS browser.

As an aside, mine is the only XHTML/CSS site I've seen so far that uses 
primarily serif fonts. Does anyone else out there have some examples to 
look at?

Thanks for your time,
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