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Re: [css-d] "disabled" stylesheets left out of hide_css_from_browsers list

Sent by James Aylard on 30 August 2002 17:05


> this is just a question out of curiosity.  i noticed that the
> "hide CSS from browsers list"
> doesn't mention the "disabled" attribute for LINK and STYLE tags.
> is it omitted because the technique is not purely CSS-based and
> instead tag-based?

    Your best bet would be to contact the page's author, Johannes Koch, and
ask him. One explanation might be that the disabled attribute is not
standards-compliant for the link and style elements in HTML/XHTML [1]. It
_is_ legal in the DOM [2], however, so it may be implemented through
scripting (an unfortunate discrepancy, IMO, that appears to remain in the
XHTML 2.0 working draft [3]).


James Aylard
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