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extra blank rows in table to fill window.

Sent by Duncan Hill on 8 March 2012 12:12

On Thu, 08 Mar 2012 10:36:34 -0000, David Thorp  

> I agree, the nested tables are not great, but I hit all sorts of  
> problems trying to do it with divs and floats, and while I had a couple  
> of helpful tips from people on this list about that I haven't got my  
> head quite around them yet.  A couple of people suggested it's not so  
> bad to do it in tables, but I'd still like to do it without them.  So  
> I'll be returning to that particular goal later.
> In the meantime, thanks for your demo, although that doesn't really  
> achieve what I'm trying to achieve.  The purpose is for each row of the  
> table to be alternating colors.  It's not just a pretty pattern to sit  
> behind the table.
> Maybe you're onto something with the CSS3 gradient idea.  Perhaps the  
> ideal solution would be somehow programmatically generating the  
> background "image" to match the row height.  Perhaps I'll look into  
> that.  Any thoughts?
> David.

Try taking a look at CSS3 'nth-child'

It isn't supported in IE before IE9 (Ithink) but for the older browsers it  
can be enabled very simply with a little bit of jQuery.
if you look through CSS-Tricks I seem to remember that there was an  
article describing the addition of jQuery when required.

The striping of your tables is not your main worry at the minute, you  
should be looking more at creating a stable page, handle the 'striping' as  
an 'enhancement'.

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